Sending us logs

Balsa Build not working? We want to hear about it!

If you're encountering lag, errors, syncing that goes on forever, or any other issue you think might be a bug in Balsa Build, your log files can be a huge help for us to debug and fix the issue.

We've designed a custom workflow for collecting and handling logs in a secure manner. If you're dealing with a problem with Balsa Build and want to send us your logs, read on!

📋 How to send us your logs

Video tutorial (macOS)

If you're on a Mac, the fastest way is to follow the steps in this short video:

Once you've got the .zip, send it to logs@balsa.com. Feel free to include a short description of the problem you're running into!

Step-by-step instructions

  1. From Balsa Build, open the "Help" menu and select "Troubleshooting > Show Log Files".
  2. Quit Balsa Build, but keep the directory open. (⌘Q/Ctrl-Q)
  3. Select all the files in the directory. (⌘A/Ctrl-A)
  4. Create a .zip file:
    1. On macOS: open the "File" menu (or right click) and select "Compress".
    2. On Windows: right click, and select "Send to" > "Compressed (zipped) folder".
  5. Email the .zip file to logs@balsa.com. Feel free to include a short description of the problem you're running into!

🔐 A note about security

We know how important your team's data is. That's why we built Balsa Build from the ground up with security and compliance in mind. Our unique architecture allows you to continue to store all your critical data in your company-approved systems, while gaining all the benefits of a modern, unified command center for the tools you use.

These same principles apply to our log files. We do our best to minimize the amount of customer data we include in logs, and our logs do not include any credentials—no passwords, no API tokens, no cookies, and no authentication headers.

When you email your logs to logs@balsa.com, they're routed directly to a private Slack channel that can only be viewed by members of our engineering team, so they can investigate and resolve the problem you're experiencing. All customer logs and related discussion in this private channel are automatically deleted after 28 days, so you can be sure your log files are never kept around.

These policies and procedures are just one more way we strive to protect your data in everything we do. 🛡