We know how important your team's data is. That's why we built Balsa Build from the ground up with security and compliance in mind. Our unique architecture allows you to continue to store all your critical data in your company-approved systems, while gaining all the benefits of a modern, unified command center for the tools you use.

What sets us apart

🗄️ Your data stays local

No data leaves your computer. Balsa Build runs on your machine, not in the cloud. All syncing happens directly between your computer and your company's approved systems. Your data is stored directly on your machine and never leaves your network. Put simply, this means we don't access or see your data.

🛡️ We conform to your security posture

All syncing uses your organization's existing authentication flows and security settings. Since Balsa Build uses the permissions you already have, we only synchronize data you already have access to in your day-to-day use of your tools.

🔏 We're certified secure

We are SOC 2 Type 2 certified for Security, Confidentiality, and Availability. For a copy of our report, email us at support@balsa.com.