Search 101

Here is a quick guide to our search syntax to help you craft queries to search your tasks in Balsa Build!

Search terms:

  • assignee
    • To search for tasks assigned to yourself, use value me
      • assignee:me
    • To search for tasks assigned to others, quote their full name or part of it
      • assignee:"Minnie Mouse"
      • assignee:Minnie
    • To search for unassigned tasks, use empty string ""
      • assignee:""
  • board
    • Search for tasks in a given board by name
      • board:"Weekly Sprint"
  • component
    • Search for all Jira tasks tagged with a specific component name
      • component:"Design"
  • creator
    • Uses the same rules as assignee
  • epic
    • Search for all tasks within an epic using its issue key
      • epic:TEST-40
  • label
    • Search for all tasks with a label by name
      • label:foo
  • priority
    • Search for tasks by a given priority by priority name
      • priority:low
  • project
    • Search for tasks in a project by name
      • project:build
  • sprint
    • Search for tasks in a given sprint by name
      • sprint:"Week of 2021-08-30"
    • Search for tasks in a current sprint
      • sprint:current
  • status
    • Search for tasks in a given status by name
      • status:merged or status:done
    • Note our GitHub tasks have custom statuses in addition to the standard (Open, Merged, Closed, Draft): "Opened by you", "Approved by you", "Approved by others".
  • statusCategory
    • Search for tasks in a given status category by name
      • statusCategory:done
    • Status categories allow you to search for tasks that are in a specific state but not necessarily in the exact same status. This allows you to search for all tasks that are open (statusCategory:new) without crafting a query to account for all the different statuses that an open task may be in ( status:open or status:draft or status:"to do" or status:"selected for development" ).
    • Note there are three status categories across all different tasks and sources: new, indeterminate, done. Think of indeterminate as everything in between new and done.
  • source
    • Search for tasks in a specific source by type
      • source:github
  • type
    • Search for tasks of a certain type by name
      • type:bug
  • term
    • Search for tasks containing the term in their title, description or additional fields
      • animation
      • "icon sizes"

Search syntax notes:

  • Use quotes to wrap any search values that include a space
    • assignee:"Minnie Mouse"
  • Use - to negate a query
    • -creator:Goofy
  • Use parentheses and or operators to create complex queries
    • (assignee:me or (creator:me source:github)) statusCategory:new
    • Note we default to and operator if none is specified

Suggested starter queries:

  • PRs to review
    • assignee:me source:github -statusCategory:done
  • Tasks to do in a specific project about a given subject
    • project:build sync -statusCategory:done
  • My open tasks in a sprint
    • (assignee:me or assignee:"") statusCategory:new sprint:"Week of 2021-08-30"

Saved Search 🌟

Save your carefully crafted search query in a Saved Search using the ➕ button on the bottom right of the search result list. This will create a new page in your sidebar that will stay up to date with tasks that match your query!


Not seeing the search capabilities you're craving? Email us at support@balsa.com and we'll get building! 🛠️