Our privacy commitment is simple: We strive to collect the minimum amount of information necessary to provide our service to you. This starts with our product, which is designed from the ground up to keep your data local, and to conform to your security and compliance posture. You can read more about our security posture at


We do need to collect some data to operate our service. To the extent possible, we scrub the data we collect of customer confidential details and provide controls for customers to opt-out.

It's important to us that our data collection practices are clear and easy to understand, so we've documented our general data collection framework here. You can find our full Privacy Policy at balsa.com/privacy.

What we collect

Data collection on our website

We use Fathom to track page views, unique users, and other traffic statistics like visitor country on balsa.com, support.balsa.com, and our other websites. This data is completely anonymous and cannot be tied to a specific person.

Data collection in Balsa Build

During signup, we collect customer email addresses.

As you use Balsa Build, we record various events and statistics. While we generally analyze these in aggregate, the underlying data is associated with individual Balsa Build users. This helps us reach out to people on an occasional basis to understand problems and get feedback.