Balsa Build allows you to view, create, and manage your Jira projects and issues in one app, alongside all the other tools you use to get work done.

💪 What you can do with Jira + Balsa

  • See issues assigned to you
  • Browse projects and their issues
  • Filter issues by creator, assignee, and status
  • Update issue status (marking issues as "in progress", "done", or similar)
  • Assign tickets to yourself or others
  • Read comments on issues

📖 Using this integration

Signing into Jira
Signing into Jira

🔄 What we sync

Balsa Build syncs the following information from Jira:

  • Information about projects, including:
    • Project name, key, and icon
    • Valid issue types
    • Valid issue statuses
    • Valid priority levels
    • Project workflow (valid issue type transitions, e.g. "Open" → "Closed")
  • Information about issues, including:
    • Summary and description
    • Issue type (bug, story, epic, or similar)
    • Epic link
    • Status
    • Priority
    • Reporter
    • Assignee
    • Comments
    • Creation and updated dates
  • Information about users, including:
    • Name
    • Username
    • Avatar