Balsa Build allows you to view, create, and manage your GitHub repositories and PRs in one app, alongside all the other tools you use to get work done.

⚡ Lightning fast

You'll fly through Balsa Build. The app boots instantly and works offline. All your projects and tasks are synchronized in the background, so you'll never wait for your work to load.

🔒 Secure and compliant

With Balsa Build, your data never leaves your computer. Balsa Build talks directly to your team's approved systems, and processes all data locally on your machine.

💪 What you can do with GitHub + Balsa

  • See PR review requests assigned to you
  • Browse repositories and their PRs
  • Filter PRs by creator, assignee, and status
  • Read comments on PRs

📖 Using this integration

Signing into GitHub
Signing into GitHub

🔄 What we sync

Balsa Build syncs the following information from GitHub to your local machine:

  • Information about organizations, including:
    • Organization name
  • Information about repositories, including:
    • Repository name
    • Visibility (public/private)
  • Information about PRs, including:
    • Summary, description, and PR number
    • Source and target branch names
    • Review status (approved, changes requested, etc.)
    • PR status (draft, open, closed, merged)
    • Priority
    • Author
    • Assigned reviewers
    • Number of commits
    • Number of files and lines changed (+/-)
    • Comments and emoji reactions
    • Creation and updated dates
  • Information about users, including:
    • Name
    • Username
    • Avatar