How it works

Balsa Build integrates with the tools you already use, wrangling all the information you need to get your work done into a single interface.


⚡ Lightning fast

You'll fly through Balsa Build. The app boots instantly and works offline. All your projects and tasks are synchronized in the background, so you'll never wait for your work to load.

🎯 Intuitive to use

Balsa Build is designed by builders, for builders. The interface prioritizes the views and actions you rely on to get work done.

🎛 Works with your tools

With Balsa Build, there's nothing to set up, and no need to migrate your team. It integrates directly with your existing tools, giving you a single command center for your team's work.

🔒 Secure and compliant

Keep your data with vendors you already trust. We don't operate our own cloud. Balsa Build talks directly to your team's approved systems, and processes all data locally on your machine.

Our commitment

You'll get more out of your systems of record. You invest a lot in Jira, GitHub, and all the software your team needs to get work done. Balsa Build will reduce the duplicate effort that arises when your team uses all these tools together, unlocking the leverage and focus these systems are intended to provide.

You'll get a more accurate view of your team's work. When people enjoy their tools, they use them more. When you adopt Balsa Build, you'll find your team keeping work scope and status more up-to-date.

Your team will be more focused on the work that matters. There are tools for everything nowadays, and each tool has its own siloed picture of the work that needs to be done. By seeing everything across Jira, GitHub, and all your tools in one place, your team will pick the highest priority tasks, instead of the most important task from the tool they happen to have open on their screen.

Join the beta

We're testing Balsa Build in a limited beta. If you're interested, sign up at balsa.com, or say hi at hello@balsa.com.

About Balsa, Inc.

Our mission is to inspire builders to do their best work. We do this by building tools that help them get work done.

We are absolutely obsessed with builders. We believe human progress comes from their hard work, ingenuity, and adaptability. Builders gave us the Golden Gate Bridge, the Internet, the Smallpox vaccine. We're here to infuse more joy and productivity into every builder's day, and in doing so, we hope to improve the lives of everyone. If that mission gets you fired up, say hi! We'd love to hear from you.